Stacking silver star and moon tiny ear studs in a beautiful constellation. Modern and dainty fine jewellery
Star and moon ear stud earring in a micro tiny size, perfect for those who love dainty jewellery. Resting on a beautiful white coral, looking like silver star and moon on a white fluffy soft cloud. Gorgeous jewellery display
Small silver star ear stud dotting the ears with star moon endless hoop earrings. Stylish and fashionable way to wear star moon earrings
Silver stars and moons with soft white clouds. Beautiful dreamy jewellery earring display, with sterling silver star moon ear micro studs resting on white coral and minimal marble


A moon to gaze at, and a star to wish upon... Designed in a modern micro size, these petite ear studs dot the lobes gracefully. Perfect paired back with Celestial Ear Hoops or Celestial Earrings

An ode to the myth between moon goddess Artemis, and her lover Orion, hunter of the stars. 

  • 5 mm tiny star and moon, subtle and minimal
  • Finely crafted in sterling silver
  • Hypoallergenic
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