White Opal Ear Cuff Bar | Gold and Silver Pink Opal Earrings | Minimal Womens Jewellery – Au Revoir Les Filles
beautiful girl wearing gold ear cuff bar with white opal and silver dangling chain joined to an ear stud
white pink opal ear cuff bar in gold with silver chain joining to a bolt stud earring
modern and sleek gold ear cuff bar with silver hanging chain worn by a beautiful girl in fine white lace
gold ear cuff bar with white pink opals joined by a fine silver chain to a bolt stud earring
back view of gold ear cuff bar that slides up and down the ear like a paperclip, and does not require piercings



Graceful, sleek and beautiful. A modern ear bar that encompasses clean lines and graceful asymmetry.

Accents of gold and silver create a brilliant contrast, with iridescent white opals reflecting the hues of the rising sun across the ocean. Features a bolt ear stud that is inspired by the mechanics of old French submarines.

An eye-catching piece that is perfect for the modern minimalist. 

  • A traditional ear cuff re-designed and modernised into a sleek bar.
  • Enjoy the look of a pierced top ear without the need for piercings. Adjustable ear bar slides down and sits comfortably on the top of ear like a paperclip.
  • Features a fine dangling chain joined to a bolt stud earring. 
  • Comes with a separate opal ear stud for the other ear. 
  • Ear bar length: 5 cm
    Chain length: 12 cm
  • Finely crafted in sterling silver with 14k gold plating and Australian white opals.
  • Hypoallergenic.
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