Star Moon Dangling Earrings | Celestial | Hypoallergenic | Sterling Silver – Au Revoir Les Filles
star moon dangling earrings in silver adorning ear lobes. a tiny star and moon hangs on a fine chain in this simple fashionable earring design. for the earring lover of beautiful earrings and womens jewellery, great as xmas and valentine gifts and birthday
How to stack your earrings - Stars and moons adorn these beautiful dangling silver earrings, hanging on white grey marble in a lovely jewelry display. womens jewelry
silver star moon dangling chain earrings on marble, love the grey colour tones and twilight romance
star moon dangling earrings in 925 solid sterling silver stacked together to create a beautiful earring display. magic ear candy and earring fashion trend. hypoallergenic, and perfect for sensitive ears and ear piercings.
antique silver sterling star moon dangling earrings stacked together in a magic earring display with white grey marble. dark cosmic ear magic in a twilight jewelry display. shop and enjoy free shipping worldwide on all orders for womens jewelry. hypoallergenic, and perfect for sensitive ears and ear piercings.
silver moons and stars drifting on the milky way. 925 solid sterling silver star moon dangling earrings hanging on a fine chain, looking like shooting stars in a beautiful moody jewelry display. hypoallergenic, and perfect for sensitive ears and ear piercings.



A dainty star and moon adorn your lobes. Perfect for stacking, or match with Celestial Micro Studs to create a magical constellation. 

These earrings are inspired by the myth between the moon goddess Artemis, and her lover Orion, hunter of the stars. 

  • 1" chain for the star and moon to hang perfectly under your ears.
  • Finely crafted in brass. Lead and nickel free.
  • Plated in rhodium, a precious metal that resists tarnish. 

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