Silver Medallion Bracelet | Roman Coin with Gun motif | Glam & Chic – Au Revoir Les Filles
Roman intaglio coin charm br acelets in gold and silver hanging on a chunky chain in a glamorous beautiful statement design
Silver medallion chunky charm bracelet in a unique twin interlocking gun designs - A modern charm bracelet for the tough feminine woman
Sexy and edgy gun charm bracelet on a chunky silver chain
Roman intaglio coin charm featuring interlocking twin Colt guns in a luxe medallion silver charm bracelet
Silver medallion Roman coin charm bracelet in a beautiful and glamorous design
Silver medallion Roman coin bracelet in a beautiful and glamorous design



A luxe medallion bracelet in a modern design.

Roman intaglio coins are re-designed with twin Colts and gangster rhyme. A riff on the classic charm bracelet, with an inscription that pays homage to the spooky sounds of Cypress Hill.
A glamorous statement piece that is chic and effortless. 

  • Reversible charm bracelet that features interlocking guns on the front, and The Parcae (3 Fates of Destiny) on the back
  • Back inscription features a unique verse
    “One for the trouble, two for the road
    The Parcae beckon, biddy bye bye blow"
  • Solid medallion charm hangs on a curb chain that exudes just the right amount of mobster swag
  • AU REVOIR LES FILLES signature logo tag graces the back of the wrist
  • Finely crafted in brass with silver plating
  • Charm size: 3 cm
    Bracelet length
    XS / S: 17.5 cm or 6.8"
    M / L: 20 cm or 8"
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