gold ring necklace with black phantom ghost crystal quartz worn with black top
gold ring with black phantom crystal quartz on white marble and black calligraphy pen
wearing a gold ring with a protruding black crystal quartz
black crystal quartz rings in gold and silver stacked on fingers
gold ring with black crystal quartz hanging on a fine gold chain. take the necklace chain off to wear as a statement ring
gold ring necklace with black phantom ghost crystal quartz
trio of gold rings with black phantom ghost crystal quartz that are grown naturally and unique in size colour and appearance



A "storm" on a ring, beckoning to the call of the dark and the strains of souls captured in each phantom crystal. A thoughtful design, that can be worn as a fine necklace or an eye-catching ring. 

  • Phantom quartz ring with detachable necklace chain, that can be worn as a fine necklace or a statement ring
  • Each phantom quartz contains a unique shadowy ghost-like apparition growing within its crystalline structure
  • All phantom crystals are naturally grown, might include cluster mutations and are therefore unique in size and appearance
  • Back clasp comes with an AU REVOIR LES FILLES logo tag, that  graces the back of your neck
  • Finely crafted in sterling silver and brass with 14k gold plating
  • Chain length: 70 cm or 27"

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