Starring Helen Bouchard and Evie Rørvik





“I was inspired by my nieces playing in the garden one day, and my imagination took over… Of young witches growing up in an alchemical garden together, discovering the unknown and getting up to some good old fashioned mischief. ”

– Teresa Tiong, Founder



Word necklaces continue to be a big trend this season, and Au Revoir Les Filles reinvents them in French with love words like Je T’aime and Oui. The Heart Hoops put an ooh la la spin on classic gold hoops with their adorable heart silhouette, and are the perfect finishing touch for tousled bed hair. Iconic French motifs like pouting lips are featured in the Mismatched Lip Studs, a set of 3 lip earrings in red, gold and pavé that form a cheeky ménage à trois. It’s not all kisses and hugs in the collection. The pièce de résistance, the Lolita Choker features a dainty safety pin on a dazzling diamanté chain. It’s a reminder that love can sting a little, and is not for the faint hearted. The jewellery is feminine yet edgy, and designed to be layered together for a gorgeous va va voom look this Valentine’s Day.