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Games of Thrones Season 7 has just released and we are obsessed!

Here are some of our favourite GoT characters and the AU REVOIR LES FILLES jewellery we think they should wear. 


Daenerys Targaryen

Mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen wears necklace / choker in Game of Thrones

Fierce and beautiful, the Mother of Dragons has us all smitten with her headstrong character and undying loyalty. Known for wearing statement chokers throughout the GoT series, the Hunters Choker with its stingray barb weaving elegantly and menacingly like a stingray tail will look great on this dragon queen. 


Jon Snow

game of thrones jewellery - what jewelry will our favourite GoT characters wear - stingray barb necklace is perfect for the leader of the night watch Jon Snow

Leader of the Night's Watch and Castle Black. The prince that was promised and inherently foolhardy. With its gunmetal stingray barb the Killaflora Necklace graces its wearer with strength and pride. 


Tyrion Lannister

game of thrones jewellery - what kind of jewellery should Tyrion Lannister wear - skull signet ring in gold and silver

Definitely one to seize the day, Tyrion indulges in the excess of drink and flesh, which is why we think the wit and whimsy of the Eternal Signet Skull Rings inspired by memento mori is perfect for him. 



game of thrones jewellery - melisandre or the red woman / red priestess will wear a necklace choker that grants her youthfulness and longevity or some endless stacked double rings

Known for her cunning and devious beauty, the Red Woman ensnares all with coercion and seduction. She adorns herself with jewellery talismans to preserve her youth. Alluding to eternal youth and longevity, the Endless Stacked Rings are a perfect match to this bewitching priestess. 


The Night King 

game of thrones jewelry - what jewellery should our favourite GoT characters wear? The Night King of the White Walkers should wear a dark gothic vertebrae bone choker that alludes to his madness and the cold... A design that perfectly encapsulates winter is coming

King of the White Walkers - the coldest and deadliest commander of the undead. The Barbès Choker is the perfect match for this supernatural being, with its dark vertebrae structure and a prism of crystal ice that conveys the unstoppable power and elemental force of the commander. 


*This article is for entertainment purposes only. Au Revoir Les Filles is not in anyway affiliated with Game of Thrones, HBO or its properties.  


Which is your favourite Game of Thrones / jewellery pairing, and why? 


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